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China Import Export Global Shipping Service

-Purchasing Agent
-Shipping Agent
-Payment Agent
-China Office Agent
-Receiving the goods from the supplier
-Inspection of the goods
-Labeling to meet the Amazon requirement
-Transport to Amazon warehouses

1. We provide multiple quotations for a single product from a direct factory in China. The price can save the cost of the product.
2. In the case of Amazon sellers ordering the quantity of goods, the logistics cost of shipping a single product to the warehouse will be very expensive. Shipment of goods purchased by multiple suppliers in China will save your logistics costs….

If however you’re using our Just Ship for You service, we’ll need you to provide us with the domestic shipment number of each shipment being sent to our warehouse. Every domestic shipment comes with a unique domestic shipment number that is indicated in the shipment receipt that is attached to your package. A copy of this receipt would be given to the sender as well. Your domestic shipment number acts as a unique identifier for your package and so we use it to identify your packages as belonging to your account when they arrive. You simply need to get your factory/manufacturer/supplier to give you the domestic shipment number (运单号) and pass that information onto us. Once all your packages have arrived we’ll consolidate them into a single international shipment for you and contact you by email to handle the international shipping to you.

Yes , we agree to sign an NDA agreement with our HK company or Mainland company , Our HK company is Oushine Industry Co., Limited , 
Our mainland company is 深圳市企商国际供应链有限公司

We have three warehouses , The Maximum capacity is 1500 squares meter in Shenzhen

Completed order more than 8000 orders / month.

We will offer insurance for transport.

Of course , we have guaranteed handling times .

Yes , we offer insurance for the transport.

MOQ is depend on your product weight , at least 21KG of each order for Amazon warehouses.

We have perfect warehouse and logistics system to check stock status ,which will give a warning timely.

We can sign of the contract and send copies of the official documents of the company.